Board Committees

Carson Lake Pasture Advisory Committee

Lester deBraga, Chairman

Pat Kelly, Complex Manager, NV Division of Wildlife

Joe Gomes

Gib Mackedon, Greenhead Hunting Club, Inc.

Mike Brown, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Jim Seavers, Greenhead Hunting Club, Inc.

Norman Norcutt, CLP Manager

CLPAC’s Water Committee

Don Snodgrass, Greenhead Hunting Club, Inc.

Larry Kyte, Carson Lake Pasture Stockmen

Lyle deBraga, Cattlemen

Carson-Truckee Water Conservancy District

Ernest C. Schank (Governor’s Appointment expires December 31, 2014)

Carson Water Subconservancy District

Ernest C. Schank, Board (Churchill County Commission Appointment expires December 31, 2016)

Rusty Jardine, Technical Committee Employee Relations Committee Ditch House, Hiring, Insurance, Salary, Social, Morale

Bob Oakden, Chairman

Lester deBraga, Vice Chairman

Joe Gomes

Finance Committee

Budget, Finance

Lester deBraga, Chairman

Eric Olsen, Vice Chair

Wade Workman

Helen Marie Morrow

National Water Resources Association

Ernest C. Schank, Board of Directors

Rusty Jardine, State Executive

Negotiations Committee

(AB380 Alpine Decree, O&M Contract, OCAP, OCAP Negotiations, Orr Ditch Decree, Recoupment, Litigation)

Ernest C. Schank, Chairman

David Stix Jr., Vice Chairman

Eric Olsen

Rusty Jardine

Nevada Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

Helen Marie Morrow, Liaison Officer

O & M Committee

Bench/Bottom, Carson River Below Lahontan, Conservation Plan, Drainage/Easement, Equipment Land Sale , O&M Technical, Water Delivery

David Stix Jr., Chairman

Bob Oakden, Vice Chairman

Joe Gomes

Cody Biggs

Policy Committee

Legislative, Long Term Planning, Policy Review, Reorganization, P.L.-101-618

Wade Workman, Chairman

Ernest C. Schank, Vice Chariman

David Stix Jr.

Rusty Jardine

Public Relations Committee

Carson-Truckee Water Quality, Churchill Co. Commission, Fallon Indian Tribe, Lyon County Commission, M and I, Newsletter, Planning Commission, Water Users Relations, Donations

Joe Gomes, Chairman

Wade Workman, Vice Chairman

Ernest Schank

Revenue Committee

Electrical, Grazing, SPPC Power Aggregation, and Hydro Operations

Eric Olsen, Chairman

Lester deBraga, Vice Chairman

Bob Oakden

Rusty Jardine

Truckee Canal Safety Commision

David Stix Jr., Chairman

Rusty Jardine

  • Ernie Schank to attend important meetings for City of  Fallon/Churchill County Commissioners.
  • David Stix Jr. to attend important meetings for Fernley City Council/Lyon County.
  • Bob Oakden - Advisory Committee representative for Mid-Pacific Region Water Users Conference.
  • Member of O&M appointed by Mr. Stix - Weed Meetings (State & County).